SeaPort Enhanced

Database Plus Internet is proud to be a part of the SeaPort Enhanced Family.  We have many years of military experience and look forward to working with you.

Database Plus Internet provides customized Information Technology (IT) solutions.  Database design, front end integration & network engineering.  Complete planning, configuration, maintenance & administration of IT infrastructure. 

Primary POC: Mark Reinmueller, CIO, Phone 858.566.7616, e-mail

Alternative POC: Elizabeth Reinmueller, VP, Phone 858.254.7699, e-mail

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Quality Assurance (QA) Program: Database Plus Internet engages thorough testing procedures with customer participation to ensure system and customer objectives are met. QA inspections are preformed during Analysis, Programming, Implementation and Training stages. 

Customer Satisfaction Representative: Elizabeth Reinmueller, VP, Phone 858.254.7699, e-mail